Church of Christ, Malaga

an independent, non-denominatinal church of Christ
(formerly meeting at Mt Lawley)

Who are we?

We are nothing more or less than a group of loving, caring, flawed, imperfect, saved sinners. We are a group trying to love God with everything that we are. We are a group doing our best to love others with the love of Christ. We as a family are devoted to worshiping our Lord according to His Word.

We would love for you to visit us and let us share Christ with you. God, through Christ has a purpose for you in your life. Come join us and learn from His word. In our services, we sing praises to God, we share in the Lord’s Supper, we pray to our Father, and we open His Word together. It’s not complicated or fancy. It is only the simple acts of worship that God has outlined for us. We would be honoured if you would visit us.

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Church of Christ, Malaga

Coming events

Innaloo group
next Tuesday 6:30pm

Innaloo group a fortnightly get-together for potluck dinner followed by prayer, study and discussion at the Leigh home. All welcome.

Dianella group meeting
next Tuesday 7:00pm

Dianella group meeting Meets at 7pm every second Thursday at various homes. Speak to John for more details.

Parkerville/Swan View Bible Study/Dinner
Tue 8 November 6:00pm

Parkerville/Swan View Bible Study/Dinner Meets at Atchley's home in Parkerville. Can usually organise lifts if needed. Speak to John Atchley.

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